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Alison Don
Education background School: The University of Sydney Bachelor's Degree: Master of Bioethics Completion time: July 2013 Professional Certification: Health Manager Certification Issuing authority: AHPRA Issue date: July 2014 work experience Internship unit in September 2011: HCGA Healthcare Group Australia Internship tasks and experience: Client assessment: In the early stages of internship, work with hospital doctors and specialists from various departments to assist in collecting health information, measuring physiological parameters, and assessing the client's lifestyle and eating habits in order to develop a personalized health management plan. Health Plan Development: We may assist in the development of a client's health management plan. This includes setting health goals, developing an action plan, recommending improved diet and exercise habits, and providing other health advice. Health Education: We will assist in organizing and executing health education workshops to provide clients with training and education on health and lifestyle.
Data Analysis: During the internship, we need to assist in analyzing customers' health data, including weight changes, improvements in biological indicators, etc. This helps track the client's progress and make necessary adjustments. Client Follow-up and Support: We engage in regular interactions with clients, as appropriate, to track their health progress, troubleshoot issues, provide support, and encourage them to adhere to their health plan. Documentation and Reports: During the internship, client reports will be written after each client visit to record health assessment results, health plan progress and recommendations. Teamwork: During internships at a health management company, we will work with other health managers, doctors and nurses based on our personal experience to ensure that clients receive comprehensive health care. Continuing education: During my internship, I had more opportunities to participate in health management training courses and seminars to continuously improve my professional knowledge and skills.
(May 2015) Perfect Medical Health Management Limited Position: Health manager supervisor (professionals engaged in monitoring, analyzing, evaluating, health maintenance and health promotion of the health and disease of groups or individuals) Job Responsibilities: Provide health assessments and recommendations to individual clients. Develop a personalized health management plan. Assist clients in managing chronic disease. Provide health education and training. Monitor client's health progress. Health promotion organization XYZ (2023) Perfect Medical Health Management Limited Position: Health Management Manager Design and implement health promotion programs. Conduct health education workshops and events. Assist employees to improve their lifestyles. Collect and analyze health data. Personal skills and expertise: Personalized health management Health education and education Health assessment and monitoring Health promotion strategies Data analysis and reporting Chronic disease management Communication and interpersonal skills
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Alison Don
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